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  *How to inquire about education
  1. Headquarters permanent recruitment
  2. Inquire through the consultation number on the Instagram (@bungee_physio) poster (refer to schedule and region) (instructor contact information)
  3. Contact the instructor below directly.

 *Introduction to certification
 Event: Bungee Fitness Instructor /  Grade: Basic Instructor (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training 2018-001414)
Training fee: KRW 1.75 million (excluding VAT) / Test fee: KRW 50,000 (excluding VAT)
* Bungie Physio is the company name. Distinguish yourself from other institutions!!

*​Bungee Physio provides anatomy, workout, kids bungee, and choreography workshop programs centered on instructors other than the representative. 
* from outside of Korea. you can contact us through e-mail "" or instagram DM.

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