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Bungee fitness uses bungee skills to improve physical strength (strength, endurance, muscle power, cardiorespiratory function,It is a new concept of fitness for the purpose of (balance, etc.) and diet.
  • Registration: Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (2018-001414)

  • Grade: Basic 

  • Time required: Total 30 hours (based on 6 people), conducted as weekend or weekday training, test is separate.

  • Training fee: Basic 1.75 million won, (VAT excluded)

  • Bungee fitness, which we practice at Bungee Physio, is not just an aerobic exercise approach, but is a concept that evaluates the member's body condition and allows customized modification of exercise accordingly.

  • We teach you accurate and correct movements.

  • ​Join “Bungee Physio” where you can read and prepare for the needs of the times!

 2022년 6~7월, 베트남  현지 교육 현장 vlong 일부 참고 영상(340기)
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