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"Best training program  Best products

 International network"

As of SINCE 2016-April 2023, more than 1,400 domestic and foreign instructors are being produced.


 * This is a differentiated bungee fitness bungee physio.

  Reasons to contact Bungie Physio from overseas!

  The choice of instructors who know value! Bungee Physio.

  Bungie Physio training with different quality!  

  Training that allows re-registration for more than 1 year!

  This is why members choose Bungee Physio instead of Bungee Fitness!

  The best instructors who are wise, know value, and care about their members.

  Bungee Physio of choice!

 * What about Bungie Physio?

  It is Korea's original bungee fitness educational institution.

  This is a place that promotes bungee fitness based on the right body and right movement.

  It is not an exercise method that simply focuses on movement, but rather the meaning of each movement.

  We will take a look and try to resolve the issue.

  It is an exercise that can be applied to people of all ages and genders, and is not focused on performance that only follows trends.

  This is Bungie Physio, a company that studies and explores.

 * Small elite training for 6 or fewer people

 * Curriculum for successful member management

 * Systematic curriculum

 * Theory and practice 1:1 ratio

 * Patented equipment that is stable, convenient, and reduces pain

 * Training and equipment exported overseas

 * 4 design patents, 1 utility model patent, 11 trademark registrations

 * Bungie Physio is recognized for its curricula, teaching materials, and equipment similar to domestic ones in overseas education.

 * Produce leaders who can evaluate and correct members’ movements. 









Tel: 010-9887-7901(office)

Fax: 063-466-0230

Head office: 7 Jangsan-ro 565beon-gil, Janghang-eup, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Mail order number: 2017-4670213-30-2-00250

​Business registration number: 202-21-03646

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